4 Common Mistakes in Beard Care and Maintainance

4 Common Mistakes in Beard Care and Maintainance

Anyone who grows a beard desires to keep it clean, trimmed and styled properly at all times using proper bead care techniques.

A well kept beard will not only complement your look but will also be a statement of your levels of personal hygiene. This is why it is important that you give due consideration to proper care and maintenance of the beard.

Appropriate tools and a manageable cleaning routine are therefore imperative for the growth of a healthy beard.
While you strive to take good care of your beard, watch out for the following common mistakes many people usually fall victim to. It can only take one misstep in beard care and that hard-earned symbol of masculinity becomes a liability.

Not giving much attention to beard washing

A good number of people forget to give their beards the kind of attention they give to their hair.

Nobody would like to come out of a shower without shampooing and conditioning their hair first. However, when it comes to beards, many would just wash it along with their face.

That’s the worst thing you can do to your beard. A facewash or a bodywash cannot be used on the beard because they are not designed to account for the unique texture and moisture requirements of beard hair. Consequently, these products sap much needed moisture out of your beard and make it hard and unruly.

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Therefore, for a proper and well-maintained beard, it is recommended that you only apply specifically designed products to your beard. They may cost a little more than your average bodywash or hair conditioner but anyone serious about having a great beard should invest in them.

Using such products and maintaining a regular cleaning routine should be right on top of your beard maintenance list.
Also, another beard care tip: don’t forget about a leave-in conditioner or a beard balm to keep your beard feeling clean and healthy all day long.

Having the wrong length

Though the beard length may be subjective, depending on individual tastes and preferences, the beard should be considered as an accessory to the face.

As such, it should complement the face and enhance the overall looks of the individual. Therefore, with regards to the appropriate beard length, you need to consider the shape of your face then try out different lengths until you find the one that fits well.

Remember, too short beards might create a weak look on the face while too long beards might make the jaws look wide and puffy. The secret to arriving at the right length is to either try different lengths at different times or look for celebrities who wear beards and have the same facial structure as yours.

Ignoring the mustache

Grooming the mustache goes in tandem with grooming the beard. Some people, however, often ignore this portion of facial hair and only concentrate on the beards.

A good mustache won’t just enhance the sharpness of your beard but will also add to the overall aura generated by it. It is therefore important to give the mustache equivalent grooming attention.

Using poor quality beard products

Thanks to the advent of the metrosexual man, the superfluity of beard products present in the market is simply mindboggling.

However, not all of these products deliver the results they promise. Some people will pick a cheap beard care product and expect to get the best from it.

Whereas there are certain cheap products that give amazing results, it is recommended that you do your due diligence and find out more information about the product before you start using it on your beard.

More often than not, you should stick to products from the top manufacturers since they have been thoroughly tested and proven to give good results.

Remember a poor quality beard product would not only hamper the growth of your beard but also potentially expose your skin to a myriad of infections.

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