Beard Grooming Kit Essentials

Beard Grooming Kit Essentials

Defined in simplicity as a collection of hair that grows on the chin, upper lip, cheeks and neck, yet sophisticatedly accepted as a sign of masculinity and sexual virility, beards is a sexual characteristics we as male possess, like no other.

Yet, only those who are able to constantly care for their facial hair as a true friend would be able to escape from the hobo-horrific beard looks and actually show off it in style.

Even though, it may seem as a science of its own at first glance, tailoring your beard to achieve masculinity is an art of its own.

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As with any art, it is important to not only knowing the secret recipe, but knowing what tools you need in order to perform it as well.

That’s why we’ve decided to share with you the beard grooming kit essentials you will need in order to enhance your sexual virility and higher status as a male.

A Beard Trimmer

Even though razors and scissors can help you style your beard, technology has made the process of beard grooming far easier.

Regardless of whether you would like to grow your beard, have a professional look or simply to keep your style intact everyday, having a beard trimmer is the a definitive part of the beard grooming kit essentials. Check our Beard Trimmers here.

Beard Comb

Especially if you have chosen a longer style beard, daily combing is a must. At first, the comb you can get from your drugstore seems enough. However, as they are usually not sanded or polished, the average comb you can find for 2$, 3$ is full of microscopic jagged edges.

When you comb your facial hair, the standard comb will get caught and tug it. This is why a nice handmade polished comb is a part of the beard grooming kit essentials.

The two choices you have are either the cheaper and handy plastic handmade combs or if you prefer a more stylish choice and won’t mind spending a few bucks more – the handmade wooden combs.

Nonetheless, both the wooden and plastic handmade combs will work perfectly.

Beard Scissors

Scissors are essential to the beard grooming processes. Even if the style of your beard isn’t long, scissors are able to help you finalize the trimming process.

Moreover, you won’t have to spend any additional bucks if you already own small scissors that manage to get the job done.

Beard Oil

One of the key parts of the beard grooming kit essentials is beard oil. Overlooked by most, beard oil is able to quickly tame your facial hair, keeping it shiny and smooth.

Generally based on grapeseed, argan, coconut oil or grapeseed, all beard oils are rich in nutrients that will keep not only your beard soft, but the skin underneath healthy as well.

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Moreover, if you have certain itches or acne you will be able to find specialized beard oil to help you with your problem.

Make your Beard Grooming Kit Personalized

Most people prefer buying a beard grooming kit, instead of taking the time and making one of their own.

However, if you truly want to have a chick-magnet beard you should take the time and choose the beard grooming kit essentials that fit your personal facial hair style.

For example, if you are into moustaches, make sure to purchase moustache wax.

Have a few more bucks to spend? Purchase a wooden handcrafted comb or a beard brush.

Regardless of your style and your budget, having the right tools is essential part of the beard grooming process that will help you achieve facial style even the Gods are obliged to praise.

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