Tips on How to Maintain a Beard

How to Maintain a Beard

Maintaining a great-looking beard goes a long way in accentuating your overall grooming style and personal hygiene standards.

It is therefore imperative that you keep a clean and smart beard at all times. Here are a few tips that you can follow to achieve a great beard in an almost effortless manner.

Grow the beard to the right size

You won’t have a beard to maintain if you haven’t grown one! It is important to understand that a truly epic beard will take time to grow. Many people will achieve the desired length for their beard within 3 – 6 weeks.

During the growth period, you should resist all attempts to trim or style your beard in any way. Simply ensure that it is clean but leave every other thing to the period after you have achieved the right length.

If you feel that the growth process is taking long, feel free to use good quality beard growth enhancers and oils to speed up the process.

Trim and Style your beard

Once the beard has grown to your desired length, it is time to trim and style it appropriately. Some people will prefer to go to a barber to get this done.

However, if you are the type who wants total control and are looking to add a personal touch to your beard, then you are better off trimming and styling it yourself.

All you have to do is to invest in a nice set of high quality clippers and beard trimmers.

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Start off slowly by getting rid of any unruly hair or what many people would refer to as “stray dogs”. A point to note is that not all beard styles will complement your face.

The only way to know which style works for you is to try out different ones. This is where the virtue of patience comes in with regards to beard maintenance – keep trying various styles until you find one that perfectly fits your style and personality.

Cleanliness is a must

Taking care of your beard does not end after you grow the right length and trim it in the right style. Just as you shampoo your hair on a regular basis, you also need to wash and shampoo your beard at least thrice a week.

All you have to do is to purchase a decent beard shampoo and use it regularly when cleaning your beard. Remember, a dirty beard might end up exacerbating the itchiness and make you regret why you grew it in the first place.

Also, follow the washing with a conditioner to retain moisture in your beard and make it seem more sophisticated.

Invest in high quality beard oil

Nothing will nurture your beard like oiling it regularly with appropriate beard oil. There are a variety of oils available, in both scented and non-scented forms, for you to choose from.

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These oils will not only condition the hair but also make them shinier, softer and less prone to that unrelenting itch.
It is preferred that you use pure essential oils since they have antibacterial properties that will aid in sustaining health and hygiene of your beard.

Have a manageable maintenance routine

Since the beard will keep on growing, even after you attain the desired length, it is imperative that you keep a manageable routine for taking care of it.

You only need a few minutes every day to care for and maintain your beard. Trimmings, on the other hand, are best done on a weekly basis. Remember, regular maintenance will help you prevent that dreaded overgrowth that is going to demolish all the hard work you have put in your beard.

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