How to Style your Beard for the Proper Occasion

How to Style your Beard for the Proper Occasion

A beard is not just a collection of hair on the lower region of the face, it is a statement of who you are.

Everything thing we say, wear, do is a reflection of what we think about ourselves on the inside. If you really don’t care, fine, walk out of the house looking like this.

Just don’t expect a fortune 500 company to come knocking at your door begging you to come save their company.

Styling your beard is an artform that takes time and creativity. Even the “I don’t care look” requires just a little effort to achieve the opposite and desired “cool” affect.

Here are a few guidelines for styling your beard for the proper occasion

Know yourself

Before you can begin designing the perfect beard style, you must first come to a deeper understanding of your own personal style.

Are you athletic? Are you self proclaimed hipster? the hip-hop M.C. who will save a genere? The burley woodsmen?

Authencity is when your style merges with your most core self, resulting in a look that is dyanmic and most comfortable for you.

You can spot a person who is uncomfortable in their skin from a mile away. Signs like these manifest themselves in ways such as: insecurity, a constant need to compare to others, lack of gratitude, and over exaggeration.

Consider these core accessories when determining how to style your beard

Facial Structure

We were not kidding when we said know youself. Why is it important to know what shape your head is?

Because this information is key for not just beard styles, but also for hats, glasses, accessories this information becomes key in determining will and will not work for styling that mug of yours.

Ask a friend to objectively assess the shape of your head, to give you a baseline of styles to try out.

If you have an oval shaped head, long lines accenuate the face. Try styling beards in the pointed fashion. Top hats are also great for bringing this beard look together.

If you are rocking the round dome, try the bushy look to support the round cheeks that will have the women jumping to run their hands through your beard.

Glasses are a great accessory to pull this look together. But make sure you grab the right frames to fit your face.


“a costume is conversation about yourself” by an awesme fashion person

Here is a quick and fun way to indetify the type of person by the clothes. See if you can pair a classic sterotype with the clothes.

  • Woodsmen
  • Hip-Hop M.C.
  • Rennasicane Man
  • Presidential

We are not supporting blind sterotypes, we are simply suggesting that clothes and associations go hand in hand. Know what type of conversation you are having with people around you but being aware of what you are rocking. But above all, be you. Unapologetically.


Are you a guy who loves fun? or enjoys wearing his personality on him? Try a few of these accessories to let the world know who you are.

  • Beard Beads
  • Beard Madalliens
  • Beard Ties

The Tools of the Trade:

Now that you have a deeper understand of your own personal style, its time to bring out the beard tools of the trade.

Beard Trimmers: In order to create the style you are looking for, you may need to adjust the length of your beard.

Use a trimmer to get rid of the unnecessary hair standing between you and greatness.

Beard Oils: Beard hair must be cared for, if you ever hope to nail that style that is your own.

Apply beard oil twice a day, once when after you shower, and once before bed. Beard oil promotes healthy skin underneath the hair, and smells lovely. Your soon to be significant other will appreciate your effort.

Understand your physical gifts, your personal style, and invest in the tools and you are on your way to perfect statement of self.

Have you created a brand new beard style that you just have to show off? Post a picture down in the comments and you may be selected for a feature story. Happy styling.

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