Your Beard Needs a Good Trimmer

Why you Should use a Beard Trimmer

When it comes to shaping your beard some people like to get this done professionally while most of people like to do it by themselves. If you are one of those willing to work on your own beard then a professional beard trimmer is something that you need to have.

You don’t want to mess up your beard or mustache because of some crappy trimmer so choose a good one here. We have large variety of brands, models and prices so please take a look at those products.

Besides of just shaping your beard and mustaches you can use Beard Oils, Beard Balms, or Mustache Waxes to keep your beard healthy.

When to Trimm your Beard?

Light trimming can be done every few weeks but just some light and basic trimming just to remove those few loose hairs and to keep desired shape. But don’t go too much so you don’t loose length.

When not to Cut?

Never trim your beard while it’s wet because when it is wet it is full of water and it’s pulling your hair down and it looks longer and if you cut it then when it dries out you might see that you cut a little bit too much.

If you use beard and mustache trimmer almost all of them have switch to choose how close to skin you want to go and if you are just starting with this you might go with longer cut and when you get used to it you can go shorter.

Trimmer and comb beard shaping

If you are using trimmer and comb for cutting your beard, go with your comb down the beard to spot where you want to cut then take your trimmer and cut on the outside of your comb (away from your face). Same as hairdressers do with hair. This might take some practice to master.

Trimming mustache

For trimming your mustache first get your comb and go down through your mustache to straighten it down. Then take your electric beard trimmer and go from the center of your mouth to one side edge and then repeat from center to other edge. Don’t cut upper part of your mustaches as that does not look too good.

Where to buy beard trimmers

Well right here just check out this link to our products and choose the best beard trimmers for you, we have the best products for your beard.

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